Information and Intelligent Systems

Information and Intelligent Systems
ISBN 978-1-921151-11-0
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Note: this book has been replaced by Leading Technology.

An introduction to information system theory, design, implementation and associated HCI. Object role modelling is explained, students implement databases in Access, and explore the basics of SQL. This text also features sections on AI including knowledge based systems and artificial neural networks.

Topics include:

  • Information Systems - from data to wisdom, information systems, relational databases
  • HCI - the user, usability, user interface, design devices
  • Knowledge based systems - expert systems, ES-Builder, DDE cycle, role play
  • Intelligent systems - AI, pattern matching, Turing test, mind-body, emulating humans, neural networks, ergonomics
  • Access - forms, queries, reports, menus
  • SQL - basic queries, subqueries, joins
  • ORM - conceptual schema, VisioModeller, constraints, normalisation, data flow diagrams, IS development process, HCI revisited


  • 69 student activities
  • 3 assignments
  • step by step instruction in using Access to build databases and queries
  • integrated HCI and SEI

This book is a handy B5 size (176 x 250 mm), with a sturdy plastic cover to resist wear and tear by students. The book has a spiral binding so it may lie flat next to a computer while working.

Sample pages:

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