Presenter - Kevin Savage

Kevin Savage has been teaching in computer classrooms since 1981 when he taught himself Basic on a Sinclair ZX80. Originally from England, Kevin grew up in South Australia and qualified as a teacher in 1971. During an extended stay in South Africa he gained a BSc with an IT major and set up his first computer classes with BBC computers.

On returning to South Australia Kevin taught computing in Whyalla before moving to Queensland to take up an appointment at Downlands College Toowoomba. There he was a pioneer of the senior subjects, IPT, PCM, Computer Studies and ICT.

Kevin chaired the committee for the re-write of Computer Studies into ICT, was a member of the state panel for IPT for six years, and was a member of the advisory subcommittee for the new IPT syllabus. He currently has six popular textbooks in print that are used widely in Queensland as well as interstate and, lately, in the U.S. Kevin has recently completed his Master of Education degree in ICT.

After lecturing in IT to pre-service teachers at QUT and JCU for a semester each, Kevin has now retired to Cairns where he is involved in converting his hard copy texts into PDF eTexts, and pandering to the whims of his two grandsons.