Leading Technology

Leading Technology - A Guide to IPT
ISBN 978-1-921514-88-3
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A complete coverage of all topics of the 2011 IPT course including:

  • information system theory, design and development
  • problem solving with algorithms, using pseudocode and graphical representations
  • a comprehensive approach to structured programming
  • a thorough analysis of effective HCI
  • the fundamentals of SQL with extensive examples and exercises
  • step-by-step object role modelling using the entity-relationship method
  • relevant social and ethical implications integrated across all topics
  • the extension topics of Intelligent Systems and Computer Systems


  • a student-friendly approach that effectively delivers the core content of IPT
  • over 80 detailed and challenging activities and exercises designed to reinforce your teaching and to extend your students
  • completely worked exemplars of both the Software and the Information System Development Cycles in action
  • multiple programming and information system projects for students to undertake, as well as a wide range of social and ethical investigation topics.

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