Audacity 2
Audacity is an audio (sound) editing program. It is free to download, and relatively easy-to-use.

Using Audacity you can record or download music or sounds, and then manipulate the audio. In addition tracks can be edited, rearranged, equalised and normalised, or have special effects applied such as amplification, or variations in tempo, pitch and speed.

These activities take novice users step-by-step through the basics of using Audacity, up to the level of creating music mixes and podcasts. They also include sections on sound theory, audio file formats and recording tips.

Movie Maker
Movie Maker is a free, simple video-editing program that comes as part of Windows 7 or can be downloaded as part of Windows Essentials 2012.

With Movie Maker you can import video or photos, arrange tracks, add special effects, and edit or add audio. The completed movie can be published either to desktop or online.

These step-by-step activities take users from the basics, through using transitions and special effects, to adding titles and credits, and finally publishing the completed video.

Game Maker 7
Step-by-step instructions on how to build five games using GameMaker 7.

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