Support files for books

Leading Technology
Databases in Access 2007-2013 format (53kB)
Databases in Access 199-/2003 format (57kB)
Databases in tab delimited format (5kB)
Activity solutions for Unit 7 - SQL (59kB)

ICT Activites (Office 2007 - Adobe CS3 edn)
Files for Word 07 (451kB)
Files for Excel 07 (214kB)
Files for Access 07 (37kB)
Files for PowerPoint 07 (243kB)
File for Publisher 07 (5kB)
Files for PhotoShop CS3 (10.3Mb)
Files for Fireworks CS3 (104kB)
Files for Flash CS3 (990kB)
Files for Dreamweaver CS3 (2.5Mb)
All files also available on CD ($15 p&p). CD includes sample movie clips for MovieMaker activities.
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Projects for ICT
Files for student activities PICT (2.8Mb)

Sample Criteria Sheets for ICT Projects
Marks based (21kB)
Standards based (21kB)

Information and Intelligent Systems
Files for student activities (245kB)
Solutions to SQL questions Unit 7 (22kB)
In Access 2003 format Access (305kB)
In Access 2000 format Access (71kB)
In Access 97 format Access (70kB)
In Access 07 format (41kB) (Note: exercises in Information and Intelligent Systems are described in Access 03 layout. See ICT Activities - Office 07 edition for directions on using Access 07.)

ICT Activites (Office 2003 edn)
Files for student activities (937kB)
Acme Web Site (1.3Mb)

Algorithms, Programming and Visual Basic
All Projects (129kB)

Algorithms, Programming and Delphi (2nd edn)
All Projects (230kB)
Individual Files

ICT Activities (1st Edn)
Files for student activities ICTA (927kB)
Acme Web Site (1.95Mb)

Algorithms, Programming and Delphi (1st edn)
All Projects (140kB)

Working with Information Systems
SQL Solutions WIS (58kB)